The Frozen One 2019 Reindeer fur, nylon straps, polymer clay, wood, alder, stainless steel, plywood, steel and hand blown glass aprox 260x70x45

Fresh Mint 2019 Larch, steel, fabric, wood, pl-400, hand blown glass and lidl bag aprox 120x95x70 cm
Pea’n’Tjerry 2019 Cherry wood, pine, sport socks, reindeer calf fur, adidas shorts, hand blown glass and rebar aprox 190x50x45 cm

Jerff 2019 Larch, pine, ash, polymer clay, trekking shoes, cable ties, wig, smoked charr skin, epoxy glue, reindeer calf fur, cow hide, cotton band, polypore, soil, grass, plywood, bronze and sport socks aprox 220x90x60
Photo Jean Baptiste Béranger