Olof Marsja b.1986 in Gällivare, took my exam from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design in 2017, and currently based in Gothenburg.  I work with sculptural expressions that emphasize material and the figure as a critical way of thinking in the era of digitisation and dematerialisation. The process of making holds a prominent position in my practise and the trace of the hand is always visible whether it is in the chiseled wood, blown glass or the roughly chainsawed. When assembling man-made and organic material with the exquisite crafted to sculptures I draw inspiration from my background in Duodji, Sami craft, everyday life, medieval art, comics and myths. Using a wide range of materials and techniques is also a method to elude categories such as good and bad, tradition and contemporary, finished and unfinished. Through these methods emerges ambivalent and elusive hybrid-figures and objects that are situated in a fantasy landscape where the borders between human and animal characteristics fade out. It is an exploration that seriously and humorously plays with issues of identity, history and our contemporary situation.
I am represented in the collection of the  Swedish Art agency, was one of 2019  recipient of Maria Bonnier Dahlin stipend and have recently exhibited at Bonniers Konsthall(SE), Galleri Steinsland Berliner(SE), IKOLONI(SE) Galleri Box(SE), and Luleå Biennale(SE).

Photos Tomas Sinkevičius
Thomas Hämnén
Petter Cohen
Hendrik Zeitler